HIV and AIDS – Myth Vs Medicine

By on January 16, 2021

Typical medicine has invested $50 billion in investigate focusing on a virus that by by itself isn’t going to cause the condition. Meanwhile, choice Medical doctors have quietly manufactured exceptional development in treating AIDS.

A couple of years in the past, the leader of an African nation was universally attacked on the planet press for currently being an “enemy of your men and women,” espousing a coverage of “genocide” and letting “babies die in pain.”

Was this a monster supporting terrorists, experimenting with weapons of mass destruction or waging war on minorities in his nation? No, it was Thabo Mbeki, president of South Africa.

His “criminal offense” was suggesting that his state evaluation the security of AIDS medicine.

Then, adding gasoline on the controversy, in March 2000, President Mbeki invited about 30 HIV-AIDS scientists to his presidential AIDS panel in Pretoria, which includes two American biochemists, Peter Duesberg and David Rasnick.

Both of these Ph.D.s within the University of California at Berkeley are vocal dissidents of standard thinking of HIV and AIDS.

It is clear that Mbeki isn’t any monster, but is he misinformed and misguided to issue the security of AIDS medicines and absolutely the equation HIV = AIDS?

It had been April 23, 1984, when Robert Gallo, M.D., of the National Most cancers Institute, announced that he had found the “possible explanation for AIDS.” It was, he claimed, a fresh retrovirus that he named HTLV-III (human T-mobile lymphotropic virus III), which was afterwards renamed HIV.

Gallo’s evidence for this claim wasn’t the particular isolation of the virus, but the detection of antibodies in the majority of although not all AIDS individuals that he and his colleagues had analyzed. (It turned out that Luc Montagnier, M.D., with the Pasteur Institute in Paris, experienced supplied Gallo with sample virus proof the past calendar year, and is now provided credit because the “co-discoverer of HIV.”)

So excellent was the horror and hysteria encompassing AIDS that this announcement was straight away greeted not to be a possible hypothesis but as actuality through the media and public.

There have been protests within the pretty outset around this leap of faith, on the other hand, voiced by some incredibly distinguished scientists. One of these was Kary Mullis, Ph.D., who gained the 1993 Nobel Prize in chemistry to the creation in the Polymerase Chain Reaction take a look at, a mainstay of AIDS investigation technological know-how. In 1992 he said, “No one in their proper intellect would leap into this matter like [Gallo et al.] did. It experienced nothing at all to carry out with any properly-viewed as science. There have been many people who had AIDS and many of them experienced HIV not even all of them. So they’d a correlation. What exactly?”

Essentially, experts from prestigious institutions all around the earth identified many inconsistencies and contradictions inside the “HIV = AIDS” concept. But, as Mbeki himself stated within a letter he wrote to then – President Clinton, there was a “marketing campaign of mental intimidation and terrorism” akin to “medieval e book-burning” to help keep substitute theories with regards to the results in of your disorder from getting heard.

There are 2 so-referred to as AIDS exams the ELISA (enzyme connected immunosorbant assay) along with the Western Blot check. Neither of such exams detect the virus; they detect antibodies that the human body can deliver in response to many stimuli. Bogus HIV positives are already brought on by at least 66 documented unrelated health and fitness situations, remedies along with other components, which includes food items allergies, vaccinations, blood transfusions, proteins on check filter get more info paper and a number of other viruses, micro organism and parasites.

Take note also that antibodies aren’t a sign of an Lively an infection or sickness. They are just a indicator that at a person time our body created an immune reaction to an antigen.

There were and therefore are other cogent specialized arguments in opposition to the HIV = AIDS theory, coming from internationally renowned pathologists and virologists. You’ll find, as an example, human populations who check HIV optimistic but in no way create any symptoms of AIDS. Dr. Mullis references a United Nations analyze: “The earth Overall health Business analyzed prostitutes in just a little coastal African state earlier mentioned Liberia. They identified that seventy five% from the prostitutes ended up HIV-good and predicted that five years later on 50 % of these will be dead. In 5 years they came back again and there have been no bodies to depend. Nevertheless the positives are HIV beneficial, In accordance with their assessments.”

Further, in animal reports, there are over one hundred twenty five chimpanzees that were inoculated Along with the AIDS virus more than fifteen years back who haven’t made AIDS.

The HIV = AIDS idea violates the basic criteria applied to find out no matter if a certain organism brings about a particular condition. These guidelines are known as “Koch’s Postulates,” and were founded about 100 many years in the past by German bacteriologist Robert Koch (pronounced “Koke”), who determined the causes of tuberculosis, anthrax and various disorders.

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